Maarten Sneep



  • S5P-L2-Fluorescence (Manager, Release Manager, Developer, Reporter, Member, 11/11/2014)
  • PyCAMA (Manager, Release Manager, Developer, Reporter, Wiki manager, Member, 06/10/2016)



06:52 PM PyCAMA Bug #13401: Collapsed plots
This is some bug in Matplotlib, and I can't figure out what is going on. I though I had solved an earlier version of ...


05:54 PM PyCAMA Revision 658:125ec8c10c54 (pycama): Fix spelling mistakes in readme file for coregistration code
05:47 PM PyCAMA Feature #558: Coregistration
Add example output.
12:15 PM PyCAMA Feature #558 (In Progress): Coregistration
Code to perform coregistration has been added, but it hasn't been integrated with the rest of PyCAMA yet.
12:14 PM PyCAMA Support #12131 (Closed): PyCAMA test aborted when processing ALH
11:25 AM PyCAMA Revision 657:8c84bc64e902 (pycama): Add coregistrtion tool


03:22 PM PyCAMA Bug #12091 (Closed): Background color in world plot may be wrong
03:22 PM PyCAMA Bug #10961 (Closed): basemap toolkit is out of date
03:22 PM PyCAMA Bug #10951 (Closed): Integrated profile gives wrong values
03:22 PM PyCAMA Bug #9301 (Closed): NRT extraction even smaller than anticipated.

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