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03:04 PM PyCAMA Revision 930:49b7575baad5 (pycama): Add numba to the TM5 profile extractor for a nice speedup.
Thanks to Xin Zhang for the code.
09:48 AM PyCAMA Bug #35711 (Resolved): Delete useless get_pressures function in
09:43 AM PyCAMA Feature #35721 (Resolved): Speed up get_profiles and get_temperature by numba
The new script will be included in the next PyCAMA (intermediate) release.
08:48 AM PyCAMA Feature #35721: Speed up get_profiles and get_temperature by numba
Hi, if you don't add watchers, or don't assign the issue then this won't get picked up. It is by chance that I see th...


10:10 AM PyCAMA Support #33861 (Closed): [PyCAMA] Update configuration of PyCAMA to support O3 profile


10:37 AM PyCAMA Revision 929:0ad059426223 (pycama): Update version number in, print time of slice


04:16 PM PyCAMA Bug #34921 (Resolved): Requested time not covered in CTM file
I've updated the script, and attached it for convenience.
A grace-period of 15 minutes is now added to the begin a...
04:09 PM PyCAMA Revision 928:98695bc76fc6 (pycama): Generated SWIG updates in coreg
04:09 PM PyCAMA Revision 927:36578f54de57 (pycama): Add warnings when colour for scatterplot isn't set
04:07 PM PyCAMA Revision 926:74d97bf93301 (pycama): Add 15 minute offset to allow for coverage between 23:30 and ...

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