Maarten Sneep



  • S5P-L2-Fluorescence (Manager, Release Manager, Developer, Reporter, Member, 11/11/2014)
  • PyCAMA (Manager, Release Manager, Developer, Reporter, Wiki manager, Member, 06/10/2016)



09:03 AM PyCAMA Support #30011: [PyCAMA] Prepare release of 1.0
No, I do not have the time to finish this before the deadline. For the requested features I need to make and test cha...


08:50 AM PyCAMA Current version is 0.10.5
Work is ongoing for the time dependent monitoring.


09:31 AM PyCAMA Support #30011 (New): [PyCAMA] Prepare release of 1.0
Prepare the release of PyCAMA 1.0.0 -ideally for use with PDGS 2.9.0 (activation together with version 2 of all L2 pr...


11:13 AM PyCAMA Feature #944: Documentation of internal workings of PyCAMA
No, this is information that is not contained in the SUM, but in other documentation. That part needs to be updated, ...


02:06 PM PyCAMA Revision 896:da7baaa09e77 (pycama): The attribute test should be done on a string
11:54 AM PyCAMA Bug #28981 (Resolved): [PyCAMA] Hard crash when processing NPP data
Prepared release 0.10.5 to fix an issue when processing NPP-VIIRS data....
11:38 AM PyCAMA Revision 895:ea36aa84e5d8 (pycama): Release 0.10.5
11:36 AM PyCAMA Revision 894:402e7e84bba8 (pycama): Prepare for handling fill values in unsynchronized variables.
11:04 AM PyCAMA Revision 893:55ca8d6d5307 (pycama): Remove round trip to netCDF4 to find dimension names, use h5p...


09:25 PM PyCAMA Revision 892:05efe314e715 (pycama): Update settings for AAI DDS2B analysis configuration.

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