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11:29 AM TM5-ZOOM Chemistry Benchmarks: Version #5016: Comparisons against observations of CO (het chem update)
The benchmark simulation for the year 2006 including the new heterogeneous
chemistry scheme is evaluated against CO ...
09:45 AM TM5-ZOOM Chemistry Benchmarks: Version #5016: New heterogeneous chemistry scheme

Here the heterogeneous chemistry scheme developed by Vincent Huijnen and others
is compared using the benchmark si...
09:27 AM TM5-ZOOM Chemistry Benchmarks: Version #4993: Global 1x1 compared with global 3x2
Comparison of release r4993 on global 1x1 against global 3x2.
- Trunk/base version, no additional projects used
09:12 AM TM5-ZOOM Chemistry Benchmarks: search topics
The *chemistry benchmark* forum is used to +document and discuss+ changes from new features or/and bug fixes.
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