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02:11 PM TM5-MP Task #10211 (Closed): Aerosol optics
02:11 PM TM5-MP Task #10211 (Resolved): Aerosol optics
In the current code, the check is always applied. Solved and closing the issue.
02:05 PM TM5-MP Feature #681 (Closed): Mineral dust absorption
There are currently no plans of making any tests by changing the imaginary part of the refractive index as proposed a...
01:34 PM TM5-MP Feature #11771 (Closed): Windspeed as new met field
Closing the issue.


03:57 PM TM5-MP Bug #23371: Scaling factor for strat. CH4 taken from wrong year?
The paper by Meishausen has meanwhile been published: The one-year delay be...
03:49 PM TM5-MP Bug #23371: Scaling factor for strat. CH4 taken from wrong year?
This was done on purpose. As the surface concentrations are used for the scaling, a one-year delay is applied to the ...


09:28 AM TM5-MP Bug #20211: First step of the leg for 6hr AerChemMIP output
Has this issue been resolved and can it be closed?
09:24 AM TM5-MP Task #442 (Resolved): New diagnostics for AerChemMIP and CRESCENDO


02:00 PM TM5-MP Feature #635: CMIP6 emissions
The drop in SO2 emissions is consistent with the data presented in Figure 7 of Gidden et al. (2018;
11:44 AM TM5-MP Feature #635: CMIP6 emissions
I have made some runs to test the future emissions applied in the model. Tests were made with the offline TM5 model f...

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