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02:45 PM TM5-MP Bug #20141 (In Progress): PDUMP temperature field is zero
Yes, agree, needs to be fixed. The TP files already have the temperature (surface and 3D), so we may just remove it f...
02:18 PM TM5-MP Support #20341: Python 2 becoming obsolete
By "no error", I mean the writing of the modified files went ok. But yeah, it that doesn't mean the files are ok ;)
01:52 PM TM5-MP Support #20341 (In Progress): Python 2 becoming obsolete
May be more urgent than we think. At ECMWF, python 2 is already not supported (although available), but will not be a...


07:42 AM TM5-MP Revision 1045 (tm5mp): [trunk] correct long name attributes written in dkg files


01:54 PM TM5-MP Revision 1044 (tm5mp): [trunk] merge r1043: write diffusion coefficients into netCDF files


07:24 AM TM5-MP Feature #10241: fast track ERA5 pre-processing
attachment:eraI-vs-era5-budget_comparison_2006.txt compares several budgets.


04:41 PM TM5-MP Feature #10241: fast track ERA5 pre-processing
I've rerun the ERA5 benchmark with a different selection of 34 levels from the 137 original ones. This new selection ...
12:16 PM TM5-MP Revision 1040 (tm5mp): [trunk] fix for diffusion.write=T


09:00 AM TM5-MP Feature #10241: fast track ERA5 pre-processing
The annual cycle of aggregated NO2 columns are compared to OMI retrievals in the last page of the attachment:comp_wit...


04:08 PM TM5-MP Feature #10241: fast track ERA5 pre-processing
Arjo pointed out to me that the 34 levels of ERA-Interim and of ERA5 are not the same. Looking closely at the benchma...

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