Tommi Bergman




01:55 PM TM5-MP Support #20341: Python 2 becoming obsolete
What do you mean by error. Since it sounds a bit funny, since my 2to3 gives the following(only the last bit not the d...
10:42 AM TM5-MP Support #20341 (Closed): Python 2 becoming obsolete
Just realised that the new supercomputer in Finland will have python 3 as default. Officially Python 2 will be retire...


10:48 AM TM5-MP Revision 1056 (tm5mp): [CRESCENDO-fixes] Removing an obsolete branch, changes not merged to trunk...
10:42 AM TM5-MP Bug #20211 (Closed): First step of the leg for 6hr AerChemMIP output
Just duplicating this issue from EC-Earth portal, AerChemMIP output mostly related to that. So the problem is that ho...
10:30 AM TM5-MP Revision 1055 (tm5mp): [aerchemmip] Removing an obsolete branch
10:24 AM TM5-MP Revision 1054 (tm5mp): [AerChem-root-writer] Removing an obsolete branch
10:22 AM TM5-MP Revision 1053 (tm5mp): [soa] Removing an obsolete branch
10:21 AM TM5-MP Revision 1052 (tm5mp): [general-root-writer] Removing an obsolete branch


10:13 AM TM5-MP Revision 1049 (tm5mp): remove an obsolete comment
10:12 AM TM5-MP Revision 1048 (tm5mp): [fix-hr-6hr-output] Fixes problems with first time step of the leg for 6 h...

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