Martin Stam



  • WOW-NL (Manager, 03/22/2016)
  • TurboWin (Manager, Developer, 12/19/2017)



10:03 AM TurboWin Feature #8681 (New): SOG and COG computing
Now position (Lat, Lon) is computed from incoming GPS data if GPS connected. After some programming it will be also ...
09:59 AM TurboWin Feature #8671 (New): option to insert Relative Humidity
MetService is creating an instrument to replace the mercury thermometers as part of the Minamata Convention. It would...
09:49 AM TurboWin Feature #8661 (New): instruction videos
instruction how to use TurboWin of instruction how to make observations on a ship; so is it usufull ? Than who can pr...
09:46 AM TurboWin Feature #8651 (New): update to WMO cloud atlas
Combine with latest WMO cloud atlas:
09:44 AM TurboWin Feature #8641 (New): plot position offline
Making possible plotting position on map without internet connection
09:43 AM TurboWin Task #8631 (New): Help files update
Many help files and info data is outdated (eg Mariners Handbook chapters) whould be nice if we could update the met. ...
09:42 AM TurboWin Feature #8621 (New): WOW upload
As it is unclear when UKMO will implement mobile stations into WOW, this item will be frozen untill a positief respon...
09:35 AM TurboWin Feature #8611: displaying latest obs
I would like to recommend a future change for TurboWin software that might help engage Master’s more in the QC and mo...
09:28 AM TurboWin Feature #8611 (New): displaying latest obs
Would it be possible to include a module/display window in TurboWin that would display details from the latest observ...


09:20 AM WOW-NL wow_scenarios_v1_20160212.docx
Scenarios for envisaged use of the WOW engine by WOW-NL

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