Status of the Working Group at the start of WgINS (Oct 2005)

(from the minutes of the EUMETNET council in October 2005)

To organise the first meeting of WG-INS I asked members of PB-OBS to nominate experts from their country for this group. Currently there are nominations from

DWD: Eckhard Lanzinger
IM Portugal: Luis F. Nunes and Victor Prior
KNMI: Jitze van der Meulen and Wiel Wauben
Météo France: Michel Leroy
MeteoSwiss: Alain Heimo
SMHI: Elisabeth Boholm
UK Met Office: Mike Molyneux

DMI will be interested in following the progress and results of the Working Group but due to limited resources at DMI they are not able to niminate an expert at present.

The following topics have been compiled by the nominated experts for the Kick-Off Meeting:

1. Meteorological sensors, operational experience, procurements
- improvement of present weather observations, present weather instruments (KNMI, UK MO)
- Laser Cloud Base Recorders Review, operational experience and information on procurements (UK MO)
- measurement of temperature, humidity and wind under icing conditions (DWD)
- visibility measurements at airports (DWD)
- experience with ultrasonic anemometers (DWD)
- measurement of surface temperature (DWD)
- operational experience with snow height sensor (DWD)

2. New technologies
- new technologies to replace eye observations (KNMI)
- measurement of water equivalent in snow (DWD)
- state of ground sensor (DWD)
- hail sensor (DWD)

3. Upper-air
- Radiosonde testing and metadata – national operational practices and test results (UK MO)
- Networks – information on national plan for integrated observing systems for future upper-air networks (UK MO)

4. Quality management
- Calibration and traceability (DWD)

As the work of WG-INS will be rather informal it is also possible to nominate different experts for different topics, WG membership will depend on the topics the group put the main emphasis on.

The Kick Off Meeting is planned to be held this autumn.