Draft Agenda

1st Meeting of the Working Group on Meteorological Instrumentation and Future Developments

1. Welcome
2. Adoption of the Agenda
(The provisional agenda will be amended as necessary by the meeting and subsequently adopted)
3. Working arrangements of WG-INS
(The co-ordinator of WG-INS, Jochen Dibbern, will chair the meeting. The meeting will adopt working arrangements necessary for the efficient conduct of the meeting and arrangements for the working method of the group between meetings. These concern exchange of information, writing of minutes, list of actions etc.)
4. Round table presentations of national activities on meteorological instrumentation and future developments
(Each expert will present their current national activities with respect to instrument tests, future national test campaigns and tendering procedures.)
5. Special topics for the 1st meeting
(These topics listed by nominated experts for this meeting will be discussed in depth.)

5.1 Meteorological sensors, operational experience, procurements
- improvement of present weather observations, present weather instruments (KNMI, UK MO)
- Laser Cloud Base Recorders Review, operational experience and information on procurements (UK MO)
- measurement of temperature, humidity and wind under icing conditions (DWD)
- visibility measurements at airports (DWD)
- experience with ultrasonic anemometers (DWD)
- measurement of surface temperature (DWD)
- operational experience with snow height sensor (DWD)
5.2 New technologies
- new technologies to replace eye observations (KNMI)
- measurement of water equivalent in snow (DWD)
- state of ground sensor (DWD)
- hail sensor (DWD)
5.3 Upper-air
- Radiosonde testing and metadata – national operational practices and test results (UK MO)
- Networks – information on national plan for integrated observing systems for future upper-air networks (UK MO)
5.4 Quality management
- Calibration and traceability (DWD)

6. Future work programme
(The meeting will identify relevant activities to be addressed in a future work programme and set up sub groups for special topics as necessary.)
7. WG-INS budget
(A review on the status of the available budget for WG-INS and proposals for the use will be discussed.)
8. Liason with other international groups such as CIMO, COST
(The meeting will discuss potential overlap with the activities of other international groups and decide on liason with these groups.)
9. Summary of conclusions and recommendations
(The meeting will set up a list of conclusions and recommendations.)
10. AOB
(Members will be invited to consider any other relevant business.)
11. Date and place of next meeting

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