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h1. Introduction

Welcome to the TM5-MP wiki. Unlike its older sibling TM5-zoom (, TM5-MP does *not* use nested region, but instead handles memory and MPI parallelization in a more efficient way, which makes it more scalable. It can be run at 1x1 resolution without problem. For the full chemistry (i.e. NOx-OH etc chemistry, with aerosols), only TM5-MP is up-to-date and being developed.

The 4D-variational data-assimilation built upon TM5-MP is being developed, and has a dedicated "project page":

Finally, a general website with publications, meetings presentations, and more can be found at

h1. Repository

You can peek at the TM5-MP repository (but not get the code!) by navigating to the _repository_ tab above this page. To download the code, you will need an account. Please contact the project manager to obtain one.

h2. Getting the code

Information on how to check out the code, get the required datasets and run the model is available in the "*User Manual*": It also can be found in your copy of the code under the @doc@ directory:

h1. Further reading

Some information to complete the "*User Manual*":

* [[Introducing_the_RC_files|An introduction to the RC files]]
* [[TM5 rc files|The various TM5 rc files]]
** [[Main rc file]]
*** its [[Restart options]]
*** its [[Output setup]], and
*** its [[Pre- and Post-processing]]

h1. Meetings

* 2021 Feb 19: [[TM5-MP Installation Support]]