TM5-MP Installation Support

Online meeting, Fri 19 Feb 2021

Meeting links

Proposed agenda

  • whole day: testing TM5-MP on favorite platforms, with online support
  • whole day: testing TM5-MP-4DVar on favorite platforms, with online support
  • whole day: working on joint code updates
  • around 9:00 UTC and 14:00 UTC : guidance towards instructions and tutorial, discussion on joint work that could be done
  • around 16:30 : wrap up

Guides and tutorials

Tips and tricks

  • For first tests with TM5-MP, try the following settings:
  • The latest TM5-MP trunk/base (2021-02-17) includes many changes for an adjoint run, especially to support a negative time direction.
    These were implemented such that a forward simulation should give the same results.
    However, at one place it was was not possible to achieve this.
    When gph is computed, this used to be done (incorrectly!) using the current surface pressure, while it should have been done using
    the surface pressure in the mid of the time interval.
    For backwards compatibility a flag is introduced to have the old behavior again; use this only if you know what you are doing ...!
      ! base/meteo.F90
      logical, parameter  :: use_incorrect_sp = .true.

Ideas for joint development

  • transition to git
  • standard output modules (instead of dozens of user output modules)
  • standard input modules (instead of dozens of user input modules)
  • ...