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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment 40.1 KB 849:8ca7f71ba559 almost 2 years Maarten Sneep Fix typo in transform.Select filter, sum/mean m... 4.3 KB 366:87a959e11e51 over 5 years Maarten Sneep Add logger object to superclass so that self.lo... 2.46 KB 351:0755056cd9ce over 5 years Maarten Sneep Add Doxygen documentation for

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# Date Author Comment
849:8ca7f71ba559 10/04/2020 09:38 PM Maarten Sneep

Fix typo in transform.Select filter, sum/mean mixup

842:dc2e941442e0 09/30/2020 08:04 AM Maarten Sneep

Automated merge.

840:a913bf0bc65f 09/25/2020 12:47 PM Maarten Sneep

Select on all the right dimensions

839:8f07baeb93fe 09/25/2020 12:41 PM Maarten Sneep

Select in groundpixel dimension, not in scanline dimension

838:750fb4349dae 09/25/2020 12:36 PM Maarten Sneep

Missing *

836:9e8a3379a845 09/25/2020 12:25 PM Maarten Sneep

Add a swath-center selector

613:1541b01eb4fa 08/21/2018 02:01 PM Maarten Sneep

Used dp instead of p for column integration

606:ede842311422 06/27/2018 06:27 PM Maarten Sneep

Use variable for sza limit in SunNormalized filter

598:e5476ccfbd0c 06/27/2018 10:02 AM Maarten Sneep

Update cloud mapper filter

592:601919372ff8 06/05/2018 06:44 PM Maarten Sneep

Add CloudProductPixelMapper filter to allow mapping from band 3 to band 6 for cloud comparisons

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