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report_template.tex 8.74 KB 679:7af47945ae64 about 4 years Maarten Sneep Add zonal average plots to output (does not req...

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679:7af47945ae64 11/20/2018 06:08 PM Maarten Sneep

Add zonal average plots to output (does not require changes to the input)

528:0ef54f2c54cd 08/30/2017 12:41 PM Maarten Sneep

Update report generation to improve placement of headings and figures

527:de1fe77ebf95 08/29/2017 05:12 PM Maarten Sneep

Include input check and event statistics in output

305:bd8ffb52b40e 02/25/2017 12:51 AM Maarten Sneep

Read summary from JobOrder to identify different runs in the output report.

300:e678812f6351 02/23/2017 09:39 AM Maarten Sneep


298:18c0914f98fe 10/24/2016 09:16 PM Maarten Sneep

Update license in template (comment)

276:f553375ac08e 01/10/2017 05:47 PM Maarten Sneep

Fix typos in pycama output report

220:06a4b57c7e4c 10/28/2016 04:42 PM Maarten Sneep

Fix latex error in report template

183:dbbcc51e5969 10/19/2016 04:30 PM Maarten Sneep

Update license to standard BSD

159:bec48aa8f873 10/18/2016 04:12 PM Maarten Sneep

Synchronize license conditions in reports

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