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834:d989df597b80 09/22/2020 06:32 PM Maarten Sneep

Use the exclude parameter when ingesting existing files

607:707b1c869300 06/27/2018 06:28 PM Maarten Sneep

Fully disable FutureWarning

493:9415feea8afa 08/09/2017 09:41 AM Maarten Sneep

Explicitly store the timestamp of the irradiance granule

464:f7ece5bcebd9 07/24/2017 09:40 AM Maarten Sneep

Do not create irradiance dataset if it already exists

449:304c4f5c574d 07/14/2017 11:37 AM Maarten Sneep

Update ingest() and iadd() methods for aggregation.

448:5a7183d4c336 07/12/2017 10:13 PM Maarten Sneep

Introduce a more complete reconstruction in the ingest methods to aid in concatenation/aggregation

441:a69fd5612b0a 07/11/2017 01:14 PM Maarten Sneep

Generate a name for the irradiance granule if no metadata is available

430:b9bde0154b27 07/07/2017 12:06 PM Maarten Sneep

Unconditionally add (otherwise it never gets added). Use different group names

426:0a642c1928fd 07/05/2017 02:58 PM Maarten Sneep

Add iadd method implementations; improved axis for color bars; improved axis scales

399:54183af51aff 06/22/2017 04:13 PM Maarten Sneep

Convert bytes to strings where needed

357:9d41ec823a6e 04/26/2017 04:07 PM Maarten Sneep

Make sure the ranges are written to the output as float() values.

350:642c4148ac35 04/04/2017 06:03 PM Maarten Sneep

Update version number to 0.3.2

323:cca406680436 03/22/2017 11:24 AM Maarten Sneep

Add license statement

165:a429e6556095 10/18/2016 04:16 PM Maarten Sneep

Allow the irradiance-dependent variables to be missing

149:b51be4b8e03e 10/14/2016 01:56 PM Maarten Sneep

Make sure actual dimension is used

143:07d7fb245706 10/13/2016 04:19 PM Maarten Sneep

switch to h5py

132:786ab643d5c4 09/26/2016 04:02 PM Maarten Sneep

Write irradiance related data with proper traceability

98:0fea8767b99f 09/09/2016 01:12 PM Maarten Sneep

Add new modules to loader