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780:13a04852769f 05/20/2020 03:02 PM Maarten Sneep

Make call to "num2date" backwards compatible

750:ccb55f4d7a99 04/14/2020 01:07 PM Maarten Sneep

use python time objects

721:d332a0d95d6b 04/11/2019 05:08 PM Maarten Sneep

Improve handling of ^C

709:a6312b49f9cf 02/22/2019 11:28 AM Maarten Sneep

Improve handling of empty granules in NRT processing

703:adfe2d8b896b 02/15/2019 05:16 PM Maarten Sneep

Update zonal average methods, is now a separate routine.
Add hemispheric and land/sea statistics to Histogram.
Update report creation.

684:7b915cd79343 11/29/2018 01:29 PM Maarten Sneep

add zonal_avg to actions, not action

679:7af47945ae64 11/20/2018 06:08 PM Maarten Sneep

Add zonal average plots to output (does not require changes to the input)

662:df02c3f8b6d7 11/15/2018 01:55 PM Maarten Sneep

Fix zero range histogram plots. plt.tightlayout is buggy

637:60c985232c91 10/09/2018 03:10 PM Maarten Sneep

Make room for colorbar on world-plot

633:8a6a5700335c 10/02/2018 02:59 PM Maarten Sneep

Switch to Cartopy

607:707b1c869300 06/27/2018 06:28 PM Maarten Sneep

Fully disable FutureWarning

604:83da5dbcfc5f 06/27/2018 04:55 PM Maarten Sneep

Disable FutureWarning while loading h5py

596:43e4baf0620e 06/27/2018 10:00 AM Maarten Sneep

Change colorscale for scatter plots

591:7edf2b206af6 06/05/2018 06:43 PM Maarten Sneep

Correct the direction of the version check

558:88e65b830869 11/17/2017 04:04 PM Maarten Sneep

Fix actions set()

556:b65c2a5e11bf 10/31/2017 01:13 PM Maarten Sneep

Add '--preliminary' argument to, and a way of propagating that flag from the job order file.

Adding this flag will label all L3 plots with "Preliminary and unvalidated data, not for publication".

537:9a2a4ec95021 09/21/2017 02:34 PM Maarten Sneep

Remove title from argument list

535:366e784c2db9 08/31/2017 01:16 PM Maarten Sneep

Add "input" as an action.

531:88aed00f4f5a 08/30/2017 04:14 PM Maarten Sneep

Fix sensing time; relax version check when plotting PyCAMA output; import cama_plot_time at harmless location

527:de1fe77ebf95 08/29/2017 05:12 PM Maarten Sneep

Include input check and event statistics in output

521:54a4f1009756 08/20/2017 12:35 PM Maarten Sneep

Fine-tune legends on alongtrack plot and histograms.

Allow to make tight_layout optional.

480:b1addf3f90f9 08/02/2017 01:45 PM Maarten Sneep

Add option to force the type of the figure output

472:da46ab614f1f 07/27/2017 01:22 PM Maarten Sneep

Add command-line option to switch on debug logging

465:68eae023537e 07/25/2017 02:37 PM Maarten Sneep

Handle NRTI output correctly

461:80a4d1e41c83 07/21/2017 06:38 PM Maarten Sneep

Write the processing mode to the output

427:42efd946ac13 07/07/2017 12:00 PM Maarten Sneep

Add --actions option to quickly run a specific extraction

344:9629a074e094 03/27/2017 12:38 PM Maarten Sneep

Write and read version number of PyCAMA to/from output to avoid version mismatches

333:b2ff347fbb4b 03/23/2017 04:32 PM Maarten Sneep

Cleanup, adding Doxygen documentation strings

327:19ec51865129 03/22/2017 12:25 PM Maarten Sneep

Spacing cleanup

310:620a95375824 03/13/2017 03:00 PM Maarten Sneep

Allow for on-the-fly renaming of products, for intercomparisons using different versions of a product

304:4c4067e6f844 02/25/2017 12:50 AM Maarten Sneep

Read summary from JobOrder to identify different runs in the output report.

300:e678812f6351 02/23/2017 09:39 AM Maarten Sneep


299:f937ef698427 10/24/2016 09:18 PM Maarten Sneep


297:75365b8a3392 02/22/2017 05:23 PM Maarten Sneep

Cosmetic change

296:c9011e6e2279 02/21/2017 05:28 PM Maarten Sneep

Check that variable is available

288:bcdca853b4b1 02/10/2017 12:17 PM Maarten Sneep

Catch missing data

274:7675d64293a3 01/10/2017 05:45 PM Maarten Sneep

Use titles for figure labels in the tex output

266:9cc686b02d98 12/08/2016 02:44 PM Maarten Sneep

Do not try to print a table that is way too large (will result in arithmetic overflow in pdflatex). Limit is an estimate.

240:8b5720e11172 11/23/2016 06:05 PM Maarten Sneep

Periodically check the warning counter; make sure # ground_pixel is lowest encountered (filter will deal with rest)

229:522018c6fcd8 11/09/2016 03:40 PM Maarten Sneep

The joborder variable contains an open file reference, not a file name

227:e82e4004a4ef 11/08/2016 02:03 PM Maarten Sneep

Make robust against users

214:a1fde3b5a111 10/24/2016 04:12 PM Maarten Sneep

Correctly show which action is executed

207:a6da2c14449e 10/24/2016 11:11 AM Maarten Sneep

Correct namespace error

205:4d2983e66628 10/24/2016 11:01 AM Maarten Sneep

Generate an error when too many warnings were issued.

196:c9d5573d38af 10/21/2016 06:11 PM Maarten Sneep

Print out what we are extracting

168:6d8066f9748f 10/18/2016 04:20 PM Maarten Sneep

Loop over the actions instead unrolling them; add the irradiance action to the defaults.

148:1b38a8033f45 10/14/2016 01:56 PM Maarten Sneep

Fix typo

143:07d7fb245706 10/13/2016 04:19 PM Maarten Sneep

switch to h5py

126:13754179d818 09/26/2016 03:41 PM Maarten Sneep

Clean up plotting output

99:3c2ba62ef5df 09/09/2016 01:15 PM Maarten Sneep

Add irradiance action

92:48525dabff77 09/09/2016 12:54 PM Maarten Sneep

Add main routine for use in PDGS (as data-extractor)

89:28e46bc7dd5c 08/25/2016 07:22 AM Maarten Sneep

Add product aliassing

83:3abfeaff076c 08/23/2016 05:56 PM Maarten Sneep

Start interface for parsing configuration file and generating list of Variable objects

74:b66004a0f8d8 08/17/2016 04:54 PM Maarten Sneep

PyCAMA updates, removal of vlen data (as much as possible), others

62:5f2c5082e279 06/17/2016 01:14 PM Maarten Sneep

make data-gathering parameters accessible to outside

39:79b836f9ca27 03/03/2016 01:02 PM Maarten Sneep

Fully remove variables variable to avoid confusion

37:b3124c720976 03/03/2016 01:00 PM Maarten Sneep

Add option to force appending to output file, propagate add_mean option

29:3b83c142d481 03/03/2016 09:08 AM Maarten Sneep

Split off most driver code into separate module