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804:9622ed32dc87 06/09/2020 12:38 PM Maarten Sneep

Add option to exclude classes from concatenation; Change inconsistency exception to a warning and just continue

717:9302d7efc210 04/08/2019 05:44 PM Maarten Sneep

Concatenate will now add to the output file if it already exists

716:6a888bfabda2 04/08/2019 03:24 PM Maarten Sneep

Allow for changes in the configuration when concatenating

707:442cdfa51c7a 02/22/2019 11:19 AM Maarten Sneep

Add zonal average to concatenation tool

460:8ddc016d8b40 07/21/2017 06:38 PM Maarten Sneep

Use real name of executable

458:df79f158413f 07/17/2017 06:29 PM Maarten Sneep

Correctly use new command line argument

455:e5fedd7a3027 07/16/2017 10:00 AM Maarten Sneep

Correct index in output.

451:3d3cf379a135 07/14/2017 11:40 AM Maarten Sneep

Finish aggregation, allow for aggregation of multiple time steps (in single input file).

448:5a7183d4c336 07/12/2017 10:13 PM Maarten Sneep

Introduce a more complete reconstruction in the ingest methods to aid in concatenation/aggregation

447:8a97afc61d27 07/11/2017 03:29 PM Maarten Sneep

Add input granule counter variable

419:63d693f8080c 06/30/2017 04:24 PM Maarten Sneep

New script to concatenate/aggregate extracted files