PyCAMA 0.7.2 available for download

Added by Maarten Sneep 7 months ago

Version 0.7.2 was released earlier, but was pulled from the server because testing revealed issues. These have been fixed, and all currently produced L2 products can be processed. Specifically a workaround has been introduced to allow PyCAMA to process more than a single NPP file at a time.

Note that feedback from ATBD authors on the reports and the parameter settings is more than welcome.

The code can be pulled via Mercurial, or a zip archive can be found in the DMSF.

Version 0.6.10 available for download

Added by Maarten Sneep about 1 year ago

In version 0.6.10 several minor issues in the plot routines were corrected.

  • Open input file while plotting as read-only instead of append
  • Explicitly call out name of script in output messages
  • Improve error handling (better deal with corrupt netcdf files)
  • Add a spectrum extractor for S5P (separate script, can write output for QDOAS and DISAMAR)

PyCAMA 0.6.7 released

Added by Maarten Sneep over 1 year ago

A minor update to PyCAMA has been released.

  • An issue with the sensing time in the job order has been fixed, but be sure to read the (updated) manual. The sensing time works on the assigned time for the granule, not on individual measurements. Our advise is to leaf it of and only offer the files you want to have analysed.
  • A graphical representation of the input data has been added to the report, as well as a plot showing the failure modes.
  • The version check when plotting has been relaxed. The bug fix release is now ignored, only the major and minor version numbers are now relevant.

PyCAMA 0.6.6 released

Added by Maarten Sneep over 1 year ago

Most user-visible change is the option to exclude parameters from L3 generation, reducing the output file size and the processing time. The user manual has been updated to better describe the test cases and the new configuration flags.

PyCAMA 0.6.3 released

Added by Maarten Sneep over 1 year ago

The setup script still referred to matplotlib and basemap as hard requirements. For the PDGS these are not required and were therefore removed as a dependency. Of course when you generate the graphical output you'll still need these packages.

In addition some filters were added and output for a Magic Planet™ globe is now supported.


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