From 01/26/2022 to 02/24/2022


10:37 AM Revision 929:0ad059426223 (pycama): Update version number in, print time of slice
Maarten Sneep


04:16 PM Bug #34921 (Resolved): Requested time not covered in CTM file
I've updated the script, and attached it for convenience.
A grace-period of 15 minutes is now added to the begin a...
Maarten Sneep
04:09 PM Revision 928:98695bc76fc6 (pycama): Generated SWIG updates in coreg
Maarten Sneep
04:09 PM Revision 927:36578f54de57 (pycama): Add warnings when colour for scatterplot isn't set
Maarten Sneep
04:07 PM Revision 926:74d97bf93301 (pycama): Add 15 minute offset to allow for coverage between 23:30 and ...
Maarten Sneep


02:53 PM Bug #34921: Requested time not covered in CTM file
The time that will be extracted is the half hour that is closest to the middle of the file. In this case that is 2019... Maarten Sneep


11:06 AM Revision 925:5d518e6cc82f (pycama): Add tracer to see if setting of scatterplot_colormap is prope...
Maarten Sneep
10:51 AM Revision 924:32c79425cb39 (pycama): Do not compress string variables, it will not end well
Maarten Sneep
10:51 AM Revision 923:83b46893a4e7 (pycama): Silence a few warnings when dealing with OMI data
Maarten Sneep
10:29 AM Revision 922:26d684417a57 (pycama): Python syntax error untypoed
Maarten Sneep
10:28 AM Revision 921:3fdd48341010 (pycama): Use newer string interface for h5py
Maarten Sneep
10:13 AM Revision 920:e97a6adbfd68 (pycama): Don't accept silent errors.
Maarten Sneep
10:01 AM Revision 919:058cb4b4bb35 (pycama): Use the correct interface to read the group attribute.
Maarten Sneep
09:09 AM Revision 918:1dbe316274e4 (pycama): The colorscale argument is no longer used.
Maarten Sneep
09:04 AM Revision 917:2e9d209f8d76 (pycama): Add a 'scatterplot_colormap' key to the 'general_settings' to...
Defaults to 'viridis'. Need to re-run the analysis to change the colormap. Maarten Sneep


02:01 PM Bug #34921 (Resolved): Requested time not covered in CTM file
The doesn't work for the last swath of one day.
h2. Example...
Xin Zhang


07:21 PM Revision 916:f5862cf09254 (pycama): Merged
Maarten Sneep
07:21 PM Revision 915:ad9919f20045 (pycama): Fix reading a scalar string variable from OMI data
Maarten Sneep

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