From 07/21/2021 to 08/19/2021


11:24 AM Bug #32511 (New): use of coregistration package in loop crashes without warning ("terminated")
I have managed to get the PyCama coregistration package running to use for comparison of S5P data with different spat... Jos de Laat


11:42 AM Support #30011: [PyCAMA] Prepare release of 1.0
Thanks a lot Maarten for the swift reply. Alright, then we are up to date on this matter and foresee this for a later... PDGS Operations
09:03 AM Support #30011: [PyCAMA] Prepare release of 1.0
No, I do not have the time to finish this before the deadline. For the requested features I need to make and test cha... Maarten Sneep
08:52 AM Support #30011: [PyCAMA] Prepare release of 1.0
Dear Maarten, we are preparing the release form for PDGS Release V2.10.0 at the moment according to ESAs introduced r... PDGS Operations

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