From 11/13/2020 to 12/12/2020


11:13 AM Feature #944: Documentation of internal workings of PyCAMA
No, this is information that is not contained in the SUM, but in other documentation. That part needs to be updated, ... Maarten Sneep
10:48 AM Feature #944: Documentation of internal workings of PyCAMA
Am guessing this is resolved with PyCAMA user manual and issue can be closed Deborah Stein Zweers
10:44 AM Bug #1146 (Feedback): Non-synchronized variables yield bogus results
Propose to close this issue Deborah Stein Zweers


05:39 PM Support #28421: Prepare for version 2 quality control monitoring.
Thanks for providing the plot examples for L2_CLOUD in the
Some remarks for each plot below:
Ronny Lutz
05:34 PM Support #26241: [PyCAMA] Supply list of up to 12 parameters you want to follow over time
For L2_CLOUD, 12 suggested parameters for time dependent monitoring were already indicated in this thread above (post... Ronny Lutz
05:30 PM Support #26231: [PyCAMA] Verify configuration of PyCAMA for daily extractions
For L2_CLOUD, we would like to ask to add the following parameters for the daily extraction such that they can be use... Ronny Lutz


02:06 PM Revision 896:da7baaa09e77 (pycama): The attribute test should be done on a string
Maarten Sneep
11:54 AM Bug #28981 (Resolved): [PyCAMA] Hard crash when processing NPP data
Prepared release 0.10.5 to fix an issue when processing NPP-VIIRS data.... Maarten Sneep
11:38 AM Revision 895:ea36aa84e5d8 (pycama): Release 0.10.5
Maarten Sneep
11:36 AM Revision 894:402e7e84bba8 (pycama): Prepare for handling fill values in unsynchronized variables.
Maarten Sneep
11:04 AM Revision 893:55ca8d6d5307 (pycama): Remove round trip to netCDF4 to find dimension names, use h5p...
Maarten Sneep


09:25 PM Revision 892:05efe314e715 (pycama): Update settings for AAI DDS2B analysis configuration.
Maarten Sneep
12:59 PM Revision 891:0df383238174 (pycama): Update configuration to add reflectances.
Maarten Sneep


03:51 PM Revision 890:0f5083d8e450 (pycama): Update configuration
Maarten Sneep


02:40 PM Support #28421: Prepare for version 2 quality control monitoring.

* Some graphs have too many lines. I would skip the “mean“ curves and keep only “medians”
* For ...
Nicolas Theys

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