From 10/12/2020 to 11/10/2020


04:27 PM Support #28421: Prepare for version 2 quality control monitoring.
Dear Maarten and Jacques
Thank you for the HCHO plots.
I find the wish list from issue 26241.
Only the variabl...
isabelle de smedt


11:23 PM Revision 889:1742bc8d67dd (pycama): Synchronise configuration with config script
Maarten Sneep
12:33 PM Revision 888:6e0d5f264259 (pycama): For aerosol index precision (or any precision) the 90% and 95...
Maarten Sneep
12:23 PM Revision 887:c718de8fb93e (pycama): Add markers to help in navigation (bbedit/mac)
Maarten Sneep
12:22 PM Revision 886:1c9f87afaff5 (pycama): Fix job order creation for difference jobs
Maarten Sneep
12:22 PM Revision 885:94f319b31776 (pycama): Add histogram maps of aerosol index precision
Maarten Sneep


11:43 AM Support #27841: [PyCAMA] update filters for HCHO (possibly others) to exclude data with QA value ...
Isabelle responded via email:
>I agree that it is important to keep monitoring all the data.
> If we can have diff...
Maarten Sneep


12:25 PM Revision 884:bed3789bcc00 (pycama): Split NRTI and OFFL scripts
Maarten Sneep
12:20 PM Support #28421: Prepare for version 2 quality control monitoring.
Mark already prepared a test page with some sample images (click 'timeserie... Maarten Sneep
10:09 AM Support #28421 (New): Prepare for version 2 quality control monitoring.
For some background we refer to the flow chart below. The current level 2 quality control is done on a daily basis on... Maarten Sneep
10:26 AM Support #28431 (Feedback): [PyCAMA] How long should the daily reports be available once the time-...
A the moment we maintain an archive of the daily pycama reports on Since this system has to ... Maarten Sneep
07:33 AM Revision 883:b762337527b7 (pycama): General cleanup of script
Maarten Sneep


03:59 PM Revision 882:6dd75adc0c8f (pycama): Generate html and figures in the correct directories (I think).
The log messages are limited to warning and higher to reduce the volume of hte logging.
The scripts are now generated...
Maarten Sneep


08:48 PM Revision 881:53fba81c6039 (pycama): Add symmetric option for some other modes as well (not yet in...
Maarten Sneep
07:49 PM Revision 880:bc300852c0be (pycama): Add option (and column) to make colour scale symmetric. Irrad...
Maarten Sneep
07:47 PM Revision 879:e81486432534 (pycama): Fix range detection to be robust agains NaN values
Maarten Sneep
03:47 PM Revision 878:471c11ffdcf0 (pycama): Avoid the logarithm of negative numbers
Maarten Sneep
03:45 PM Revision 877:a638820c24c4 (pycama): Make sure variable names are unique for HCHO
Maarten Sneep
03:34 PM Revision 876:c30615e745c1 (pycama): Set name of variable in HCHO correctly
Maarten Sneep
03:34 PM Revision 875:7bffe895f633 (pycama): Add and plot_configuration.csv ...
Maarten Sneep
12:10 PM Revision 874:5581f0212484 (pycama): Catch errors in case of missing data
Maarten Sneep
10:44 AM Revision 873:f5c2ec33b678 (pycama): Use the filtered file list to prevent KeyError
Maarten Sneep
08:03 AM Revision 872:01fc571523ad (pycama): Do not use markers in event plot when grouping categories (fo...
Maarten Sneep
07:39 AM Revision 871:34852f9c0fd0 (pycama): Add time-dependent scripting and configuration
Maarten Sneep
07:38 AM Revision 870:81b828cfbc2d (pycama): Do not use markers in event plot when grouping categories
Maarten Sneep

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