From 07/27/2020 to 08/25/2020


03:24 PM Support #26241 (In Progress): [PyCAMA] Supply list of up to 12 parameters you want to follow over...
The suggested 12 parameters (variable names in L2 CLOUD product) that we would like to follow over time are listed be... Athina Argyrouli
03:17 PM Support #26231: [PyCAMA] Verify configuration of PyCAMA for daily extractions
For the CLOUD PyCAMA configuration for daily extraction, the current format is in general in good shape from our pers... Athina Argyrouli


07:38 AM Support #1301 (Resolved): test mixed empty/non-empty variables
Resolved in 0.10.4 by checking metadata. Maarten Sneep
07:37 AM Feature #1511 (Resolved): Synchronization of variables
Adding a check on the number of valid retrievals before reading the data solves a lot of the synchronisation issues, ... Maarten Sneep


10:20 PM Revision 825:df28438350aa (pycama): Update version number; Add metadata filter to docs
Maarten Sneep
10:15 PM Revision 824:986954e17594 (pycama): Add AAI specific config for DDS2B analysis
Maarten Sneep
10:10 PM Revision 823:809a0ab08949 (pycama): Add metadata filter
Maarten Sneep
10:09 PM Revision 822:b257f4e7e454 (pycama): Change colors on reflectance for OCRA; add destriped CO column
Maarten Sneep
02:40 PM Support #27381 (In Progress): [PyCAMA] Update configuration file to resolve issue with reports fo...
PDGS Operations
02:39 PM Support #27381: [PyCAMA] Update configuration file to resolve issue with reports for Cloud
The new configuration file was updated in the operational as well as in the validation environment (DDS-2B). PDGS Operations


12:25 PM Revision 821:0268953db11d (pycama): Update of configuration to remove empty variable from CLOUD
Maarten Sneep
12:21 PM Support #27381 (Resolved): [PyCAMA] Update configuration file to resolve issue with reports for C...
Please update the configuration file for PyCAMA with the attached version of the configuration. This will resolve an ... Maarten Sneep


03:35 PM Revision 820:85a2374c27b6 (pycama): Added tag 0.10.3 for changeset a49c7fad4018
Maarten Sneep
03:35 PM Revision 819:a49c7fad4018 (pycama): Updat to version number 0.10.3, update list of file in makefile
Maarten Sneep
03:33 PM Revision 818:8316d57368b6 (pycama): Explicitly add the actual filename to the extracted metadata ...
Maarten Sneep
03:32 PM Revision 817:b1891bf5727b (pycama): New script to check irradiance files for corruption
Maarten Sneep
03:32 PM Revision 816:d52976b6ccfc (pycama): Remove deprecated access to internal dictionary
Maarten Sneep
03:23 PM Feature #27361 (Resolved): [PyCAMA] record the file names of the input granules.
New code has been added to the development version of PyCAMA. Maarten Sneep
12:02 PM Feature #27361 (Resolved): [PyCAMA] record the file names of the input granules.
Record the input file names in the output for better traceability. Maarten Sneep
10:20 AM Bug #27311 (Rejected): verison and time inconsistency
Rejected, as this is a PDGS issue. We process what we receive, and apparently there were issues in that. Maarten Sneep
09:32 AM Bug #27311: verison and time inconsistency
Report not clear to me. Do you have a link to a report on the server that shows the problem? Maarten Sneep
09:30 AM Bug #27311 (Rejected): verison and time inconsistency
during the weekly reports an inconsistecy in the version 2.1.3 start time was found:
Klaus-Peter Heue


01:24 PM Bug #27221: [PyCAMA] crash when encountering empty files
For completeness, the following PyCAMA data has not been generated:
- For the PyCAMA run on 2020-07-15: AAI, ALH
- ...
PDGS Operations

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