From 06/25/2020 to 07/24/2020


08:23 AM Bug #27251 (Resolved): [PyCAMA] incompatibility with python 3.3
Currently python 3.3 is used in the PDGS. In the standard library of this version the @plistlib@ module does not have... Maarten Sneep
08:07 AM Revision 814:8290334af1af (pycama): Actually use the result of reading the config file with plist...
Maarten Sneep
07:37 AM Revision 813:823d2e20885f (pycama): Added tag 0.10.2 for changeset 6d9479323c2c
Maarten Sneep
07:37 AM Revision 812:6d9479323c2c (pycama): Patch release 0.10.2
Maarten Sneep
07:36 AM Revision 811:c767bdfd7316 (pycama): Use deprecated plistlib.readPList() when plistlib.load() is n...
Maarten Sneep


02:51 PM Bug #27221 (Resolved): [PyCAMA] crash when encountering empty files
Files without valid retrievals will cause a crash of PyCAMA 0.10.1. The cause has been identified, and a patch has be... Maarten Sneep
02:47 PM Revision 810:24bcdf3e6692 (pycama): Update to version 0.10.1, update year of release to 2020
Maarten Sneep
02:46 PM Revision 809:e12ac8c88c25 (pycama): Capture empty input granules before they cause damage
Maarten Sneep
02:45 PM Revision 808:9dda39dd51cb (pycama): Make script externally callable (in the dirtiest way possible)
Maarten Sneep


09:01 AM Support #26241: [PyCAMA] Supply list of up to 12 parameters you want to follow over time
Hi Steven: as far as I'm concerned everyone is welcome to join in on the fun, but my primary contact are the people w... Maarten Sneep
08:27 AM Support #26241: [PyCAMA] Supply list of up to 12 parameters you want to follow over time
From Maartens presentation at the PMR it is said that this is an AI "For algorithm leads and algorithm specialists". ... Steven Compernolle

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