From 03/27/2018 to 04/25/2018


12:11 PM Bug #9301 (Resolved): NRT extraction even smaller than anticipated.
Resolved in release 0.7.0. Maarten Sneep
12:10 PM PyCAMA 0.7.0 available for download.
This release resolved the missing data in the NRT analysis, as reported in Maarten Sneep
12:01 PM Revision 580:3f29e0fd7391 (pycama): Update to version 0.7.0
Maarten Sneep
12:01 PM Revision 579:bb1adc7e50ee (pycama): Change handling of 'empty' variables.
We now check for the solar zenith angles in the file.
If these are all > 88 degrees, we do not expect to find
valid d...
Maarten Sneep
11:54 AM Revision 578:0353a8f37e45 (pycama): New release for user manual
Maarten Sneep
11:50 AM Revision 577:ed0ab0386dd9 (pycama): Update user manual
Maarten Sneep
11:27 AM Revision 576:82748ad38b4b (pycama): New configuration for version 0.7.0
Maarten Sneep


05:41 PM Support #9321 (Closed): Update configuration of PyCAMA for daily extractions
Configuration update for PDGS. Maarten Sneep
05:40 PM Feature #9311 (New): Processing status & lineage as table
Instead of a graph, the processing status and lineage should be presented as a table in the output (maybe in addition). Maarten Sneep
01:33 PM Bug #9301 (Closed): NRT extraction even smaller than anticipated.
This issue is tracked in the main phase E1 redmine. See
A joborder file and loggin...
Maarten Sneep


03:05 PM Revision 575:ea19e746c3d7 (pycama): Updated configuration file
Maarten Sneep


05:53 PM Revision 574:9d1a399e8738 (pycama): Plot coatlines on top of data (too much coverage)
Maarten Sneep
01:29 PM Revision 573:e2a5dc3b7096 (pycama): Add switch for output size
Maarten Sneep


06:05 PM Revision 572:5a9227a8f789 (pycama): Update argument handling
Maarten Sneep
06:05 PM Revision 571:c4133aadc783 (pycama): Update saturation warning flag
Maarten Sneep

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