From 05/19/2016 to 06/17/2016


07:12 PM Updates to PyCAMA
You can obtain the new version from your current repository using ... Maarten Sneep
07:09 PM Revision 73:15ff4e506a08 (pycama): Correctly deal with fill values, switch to python 3
Maarten Sneep
07:08 PM Revision 72:c30da550be35 (pycama): Deal with fill values correctly, switch to python 3
Maarten Sneep
07:06 PM Revision 71:74a6771641b0 (pycama): Deal with fill values
Maarten Sneep
07:05 PM Revision 70:6e656b4caeb5 (pycama): Disable program (not in working order)
Maarten Sneep
07:05 PM Revision 69:138544053965 (pycama): Update, now works with current matplotlib. Add displaying colo...
Maarten Sneep
07:04 PM Revision 68:21a65a38381a (pycama): Add license
Maarten Sneep
07:04 PM Revision 67:0b3689a0fabb (pycama): Update version numbers
Maarten Sneep
07:03 PM Revision 66:efa0087302a3 (pycama): Add spline interpolation for reflectance calculation, filter f...
Maarten Sneep
01:19 PM Revision 65:694435edab3f (pycama): Compare NO2 files before & after TM5
Maarten Sneep
01:19 PM Revision 64:c2dc850c1b44 (pycama): Update logging format to thin layer interface specs
Maarten Sneep
01:18 PM Revision 63:78d685f3d066 (pycama): Report file paths instead of file names
Maarten Sneep
01:14 PM Revision 62:5f2c5082e279 (pycama): make data-gathering parameters accessible to outside
Maarten Sneep
09:21 AM Bug #589 (Closed): Correctly read two versions of the same product.
When reading two versions of the same product, only one is picked up. Maarten Sneep


10:29 AM Bug #561 (Resolved): Adapt logging format to thin layer interface definition
Maarten Sneep
09:10 AM Feature #575 (Closed): Data format: avoid using VLEN data whenever possible.
The L3 data is stored in a VLEN array. This is impractocal when adding multiple time slices. Switch to a linear array... Maarten Sneep


12:50 PM Feature #573 (Closed): Explicitly record which irradiance was used
Explicitly record which irradiance (from which orbit) was used for each granule. Maarten Sneep
12:35 PM Feature #572 (Closed): Include granule outline in extracted metadata
Include the posList attribute in the extracted metadata. Maarten Sneep
09:57 AM Feature #571 (Closed): Only load package when needed
Only load packages when needed, especially matplotlib, cartopy and basemap. Maarten Sneep


02:51 PM Feature #562 (Closed): Improve installation of PyCAMA
Installation is not user friendly. This shall be improved. Maarten Sneep
02:17 PM PyCAMA project created
To give a preview of what PyCAMA can do I provide access to the current development status of PyCAMA. Note that this ... Maarten Sneep
02:09 PM Bug #561 (Closed): Adapt logging format to thin layer interface definition
The current logging format is almost but not quite compatible with the thin layer interface. Maarten Sneep
02:08 PM Feature #560 (Closed): Deal with fields that contain only fill values
Fields that contain all fill values will mask out all data for the orbit. If a variable contains no useful data, then... Maarten Sneep
01:56 PM Feature #559 (Closed): Support more elaborate arithmetic
Currently arithmetic is limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of two parameters. more complic... Maarten Sneep
01:54 PM Revision 61:fe04da9a5979 (pycama): No longer resolve symbolic links to allow double use of some f...
Maarten Sneep
01:31 PM Revision 60:f20498f07f3a (pycama): Give error message if non-existing file is given to script
Maarten Sneep
01:05 PM Feature #558 (In Progress): Coregistration
Coregistration is not implemented in the current PyCAMA. This means that products from different detectors can not be... Maarten Sneep
12:33 PM Revision 59:6932e7904dcb (pycama): First version of spectral plotter
Maarten Sneep
12:32 PM Revision 58:2dcb033643ab (pycama): Simplify License
Maarten Sneep


01:17 PM Revision 57:5ebb99daa801 (pycama): Make surface_classification_flags executable
Maarten Sneep


05:06 PM Revision 56:d2a95f6111c7 (pycama): Add L1B metadata printout
Maarten Sneep
04:31 PM Revision 55:8c3d76f8c078 (pycama): Write out the surface classification
Maarten Sneep
04:30 PM Revision 54:65b46679519f (pycama): Include size of dimensions scanline and ground_pixel
Maarten Sneep


09:12 AM Revision 53:549cd619a0e3 (pycama): Catching even more errors
Maarten Sneep


11:56 AM Revision 52:5c949c8c7176 (pycama): Guard the import of plotting routines to prevent runtime errors
Maarten Sneep
11:51 AM Revision 51:c5c73ca7b790 (pycama): Add plot of granule outline to core metadata printer
Maarten Sneep


01:49 PM Revision 50:a831721bf282 (pycama): Auxiliary input for GOME2 processing of AER_AI, FRESCO, and NO...
Maarten Sneep


09:33 AM Revision 49:20a7c8488fcc (pycama): Update to joborder generation & defaults
Maarten Sneep

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