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The point of interest tool enables a user to create, view, update and delete point of interest flags using the ADAGUCViewer. The ADAGUCViewer has a dedicated application named "Points of interest", which opens a panel on the right side of the viewer. In this panel you can to set the desired location and name. location. This application talks to a CGI application which calls on its turn a python script, which generates a NetCDF point file.

The NetCDF point file is visualised through WMS using the ADAGUCServer with markers and a label. This service is configured in the ADAGUCViewer to be displayed.

# create/update/delete is done using the "Point of interest" app, which calls the CGI script, which calls the Python script, which generates the NetCDF files.
# view is done using ADAGUCServer

Below instructions for installation and features:

* [[Configure CGI script]]
* [[Usage]]
* [[XML visualisation example]]
* [[Basic Auth]]