Configure CGI script

1) Install the POI python script in your application directory

hg clone

2) Install the CGI Script for writing POI data to NetCDF files in your cgi directory, named ./cgi-bin/knmi_point_interest.cgi:



export KNMI_POI_HOME=<path to knmi-poi dir>
export FILE_DIR=<the directory where the flag file(s) is located, note: must end with a slash / >
export FILE_EXTENSION=".nc" # The extension of the flag set ( default it's NetCDF )

  • Put this file in your cgi-bin directory under knmi_point_interest.cgi.
  • Configure the URL of this script in adagucviewer/config.js using var knmiFlagURL="".
  • Make sure it is accessible by the apache webserver and that it has execute permissions.
  • Check if it works with calling it directly in a browser:,52&name=mymarkername .Check apache server loggings (error_log) for errors. Make sure that the python netCDF4 library is required. When you install this in a python virtualenv, first activate that env in the above CGI script. When it fails, a blank page returns and error loggings are available in the apache server logs. When it succeeds, a JSON document is returned in the form:
    Also a netcdf file in the FILE_DIR should have been created.
The following items need to be configured in the CGI script:
  1. KNMI_POI_HOME is the location of knmi-poi (get it with command hg clone Note that this must not be placed in the documentroot but in an application directory, e.g. same dir as adagucserver.
  2. FILE_DIR is the path to the NetCDF file with the NetCDF flag files, it must end with a / . The same path needs to be configured in adaguc.poi.xml in AutoResource. Make sure it is writable by the apache webserver
  3. FILE_EXTENSION is the extension of the flagset file. Default it's NetCDF.

3) CGI script for calling adagucserver to visualize NetCDF POI file, named /cgi-bin/poi.cgi:

export ADAGUC_PATH=~/adagucserver/ # Replace with the location where you installed ADAGUC
export ADAGUC_TMP=/tmp/

export ADAGUC_CONFIG="${ADAGUC_PATH}/data/config/adaguc.poi.xml" 
export ADAGUC_LOGFILE="${ADAGUC_TMP}/adaguc.autoresource.log" 
export ADAGUC_ERRORFILE="${ADAGUC_TMP}/adaguc.autoresource.errlog" 
export ADAGUC_FONT="${ADAGUC_PATH}/data/fonts/FreeSans.ttf" 

#export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH  # LD_LIBRARY_PATH not needed when netcdf and hdf5 installed through yum.
#export PROJ_LIB=/data/build/share/proj/   # Optional, needed when custom proj.4 library is installed.