The point of interest tool enables a user to create, view, update and delete point of interest locations using the ADAGUCViewer. The ADAGUCViewer has a dedicated application named "Points of interest", which opens a panel on the right side of the viewer. In this panel you can set the desired location and name. This application talks to a CGI application which calls on its turn a python script, which generates a NetCDF point file.

The NetCDF point file is visualised through WMS using the ADAGUCServer with markers and a label. This service is configured in the ADAGUCViewer to be displayed.

  1. create/update/delete is done using the "Point of interest" app, which calls the CGI script, which calls the Python script, which generates the NetCDF files. This can be used behind basic authentication, to prevent unauthorized users to update the POI's.
  2. view is done using ADAGUCServer

Below instructions for installation and configuration:

Screenshot of this tool in action: