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h1. Welcome on the Climate4Impact technical wiki

This wiki is setup and maintained for the climate4impact technical information.

* [[Impactportal installation instructions]]
* [[Connection with downscaling portal of University of Cantabria]]
* [[WPS]] - Notes on Web Processing Services
* [[Drupal]] - The Drupal Content management system
* [[MyProxyServer]] - Installation and configuration of MyProxyServer
* [[Commandline access to secured ESGF NetCDF files]] - How to obtain an ESGF credential and get access to a NetCDF file using netcdf/ncdump or wget
* [[DrupalCMS]] - How to create a new page in the CMS and start editing

Coding Sprints
* [[KNMI-April-2014]] [[CERFACS-dec-2013]] - User Support climate4impact and VERC
WPS, dynamic documentation
* [[KNMI-march-2014]] - WPS, Search, Downscaling and ICCLIM/OCGIS
* [[CERFACS-dec-2013]] - WPS, dynamic documentation

* [[20140128_telco]]