WPS input identifier naming guideline

The WPS input identifier is composed as follows: <type>_<name>~<link with other identifier>

The following types are available:
  • wpsnetcdfinput
  • wpsvariable
  • wpstimerange
  • wpsnlevel
  • wpsnetcdfoutput
To give an unique ID a _ token with the name is used:
  • wpsnetcdfinput_files
  • wpsvariable_varName
  • wpstimerange_timeRange
  • wpsnlevel_NLevel
  • wpsnetcdfoutput_outputFileName
To link with other identifiers the ~ token is used:
  • wpsvariable_varName~wpsnetcdfinput_files
  • wpstimerange_timeRange~wpsnetcdfinput_files
  • wpsnlevel_NLevel~wpsnetcdfinput_files
  • wpsnetcdfoutput_outputFileName

This is applied in

Source code samle is here:

Long names for identifier lists:

The dropdown input fields in the WPS interface now have extended values. For example the value previousely named "SU" is now named "SU - Number of Summer Days (Tmax > 25C)".
This has been done by re-using the ICCLIM code at