Drupal installation and configuration of tag clouds

Make sure you have php 5.3 or up for all modules
Install myphpadmin, mysql, drupal following the instructions for each package

Once drupal is running, start on tag clouds.

Install modules:
  • tagadelic-7.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz
  • tagadelic_views-7.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz
  • views-7.x-3.3.tar.gz
  • ctools-7.x-1.0.tar.gz
  • cumulus-7.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz
  • extract and copy to the drupal/modules directory

enable all modules in drupal (in modules)
enable tagging in the structure->contenttype -> basic page: tabs: manage fields, manage display, comment fields, comments display
in all do: add existing field, term reference; hide view in manage display

The 12 steps to get up and running

Download the project from
  1. Unpack and upload the project to your 'sites/all/modules' directory
  2. Using the editor of your choice, create a new file named cumulus.js
  3. Point your browser to either or
  4. Copy the javascript code to your new cumulus.js file and save.
  5. Upload the new cumulus.js file into the cumulus module directory at 'sites/all/modules/cumulus'
  6. Enable the module at 'admin/build/modules'
  7. Gather id's of taxonomy vocabulary that you want cumulus to operate on by navigating to 'admin/content/taxonomy' (Drupal 6.x) or /admin/structure/taxonomy (Drupal 7.x). Hover over the "edit vocabulary" operation link (Drupal 6.x) or go to admin/structure/taxonomy/tags (Drupal 7.x) to see the vocab id in the browser status bar. In the case that your browser has no status bar, you can also click the "edit vocabulary" link and then read the vocabulary id out of the url.
  8. Enable your first Cumulus block at 'admin/structure/block/add-cumulus-block/' . Insert the id's you want from the vocabulary into the field "Vocabulary IDs to be included" as comma separated values.
  9. Modify user permissions at 'admin/user/permissions' to your needs
  10. And finally, do any other visual configurations to the block as you see fit...

If you run into this error:
Notice: Undefined index: voc in theme_tagadelic_weighted()

replace line 334 and 335 of tagedelic.module with:

if (count($terms) >= variable_get('tagadelic_block_tags_' . $vars['voc']->vid, 12)) {
$output .= theme('more_link', array('title' => t('more tags'), 'url' => "tagadelic/chunk/{$vars['voc']->vid}"));