Install development environment eclipse

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Install Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers into:


I used:

cd /data/
tar -xzvf eclipse-jee-kepler-SR1-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz

Create workspace

mkdir /data/impactdev

Install climate4impact from repository

Clone climate4impact repository

cd /data/impactdev
hg clone

Copy required libraries to impactportal/WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/

cd /data/impactdev
tar -xzvf impactportaljarfiles.tar.gz -C /data/impactdev/impactportal/WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/

Install ADAGUC viewer into /data/impactdev/impactportal/WebContent

Adagucviewer comes from a separate repository and needs to be installed in impactportal/WebContent/

cd /data/impactdev/impactportal/WebContent/
hg clone

Configure or replace configuration file config.js in ./adagucviewer/

cp /data/impactdev/impactportaltemplates/adagucviewer/config.js /data/impactdev/impactportal/WebContent/adagucviewer/

Configure impact portal

Create impactportal configurationfile in $HOME/impactportal/config.xml

mkdir ~/impactspace/
mkdir ~/impactportal/

The impactportal requires some files to create long descriptions of variables, experiments and models. They should be stored in ~/impactspace/staticdata.
Copy this directory from the impactportaltemplates:

cd /data/impactdev/impactportaltemplates/
cp -r /data/impactdev/impactportaltemplates/impactspace/staticdata ~/impactspace/

There is also a configuration file template available from impactportaltemplates:

cp /data/impactdev/impactportaltemplates/impactportal/config.xml ~/impactportal/

Configure all open entries to match your system, these are indicated with <option>. The required ones are:


After you have completed these steps you are ready to start and configure eclipse

Start eclipse

cd /data/eclipse

When eclipse prompts for a workspace, enter /data/impactdev/eclipseworkspace

Install tomcat into eclipse

mkdir /data/impactdev/tomcat7
  1. In Eclipse, Choose File->New->Other->Server
  2. Select "Apache->Tomcat v7.0 server"
  3. Click "Next>"
  4. Select "Download and install..." button
  5. Select the /data/impactdev/tomcat7 directory
  6. Wait till tomcat is installed, somehow no progressbar is installed.
  7. Click finished when the button is enabled.
  8. Add impactportal from available to configured
  9. Show servers view by: Window->Show view->Other, type server and select OK.

Configure impactportal within eclipse

  1. Select File->Import existing projects into workspace
  2. Select /data/impactdev/impactportal
  3. Click Finish
  4. Open the Project Ecplorer
  5. Select the impactportal
  6. Select Run->Run as->Run on server
  7. Select Tomcat 7 server and check checkbox "Always use this server when running this project"
  8. Click Finish

Visit http://localhost:8080/impactportal/, if everything has gone well you should see the intro page of climate4impact. Note that WMS and WPS are not yet working.