Installation of ADAGUC WMS/WCS Server

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The ADAGUC server is runned by the climate4impact code, a traditional CGI script and apache server are not required. As long as the source code is compiled correctly and the configuration file is configured correctly, the ADAGUC WMS will work as it should.

There are three steps involved:
  1. Setup postgresql database
  2. Compile binaries
  3. And create a ADAGUCServer configuration file which can be read by climate4impact.

Setup postgres for adaguc:

sudo -u postgres createuser --superuser adaguc
sudo -u postgres psql postgres
\password adaguc # type adaguc as password, when finished press \q to exit.

createdb adagucdemo -U adaguc -W -h localhost
createdb impactportalwms -U adaguc -h localhost

Compile adaguc

cd /data/software
hg clone
cd adagucserver/

Configure adaguc

cp /data/impactdev/impactportaltemplates/adagucserver/adagucserver.xml /home/c4m/impactportal/adagucserver.xml

#Adjust the following items in the configuration of the adagucserver, /home/c4m/impactportal/adagucserver.xml:
# Configuration->  <Path value="/data/software/adagucserver/data/"/>
# Configuration->  <OnlineResource value="http://localhost:8080/impactportal/ImpactService?"/>
# Configuration->  <DataBase parameters="dbname=impactportalwms user=adaguc host=localhost password=adaguc"/>
# Replace %softwarepath% by /data/software