Impactportal installation instructions

Instructions are listed per topic on how to install the climate4impact in a development environment. The steps involve the installation of system packages, compilation of libraries, installation of eclipse and installation of ADAGUC and pyWPS services. The impactportal thredds server and Drupal CMS are left out of these instructions, as these are services which can be used by every instance of the impactportal.

  1. Installation of system packages - Overview of used repositories and the list of required system packages
  2. Setup directories and configuration files - Overview of the directories and configuration files of the impactportal
  3. Install libraries from source - Installation of HDF5, NetCDF4 and GDAL with additional ADAGUC NetCDF4 driver
  4. Installation of development environment Eclipse - Install Eclipse and Tomcat, and get a first glimpse of the impactportal in your browser
  5. Installation of ESGF trustroots - Trustroots are required for safe connection to the ESGF
  6. Installation of ADAGUC WMS/WCS Server - Visualisation and data transformation service, see and for details
  7. Installation of pyWPS Web Processing Service - Web Processing Service software used in climate4impact, see
  8. Enabling HTTPS, SSL and client authentication in Tomcat behind proxy - Enabling HTTPS/SSL and client authentication in Apache Tomcat behind a Apache HTTP proxy
  9. Climate4impact update scripts - Scripts to update adagucserver, adagucviewer, wpsscripts and the impactportal from the repository.

Overview of climate4impacts architecture;

climate4impact_architecture.png View (408 KB) Maarten Plieger, 10/29/2013 09:20 AM

climate4impact_architecture.png View (91.8 KB) Maarten Plieger, 10/29/2013 09:24 AM