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Maarten Plieger, 04/14/2016 11:50 AM

Clipc Combine process (under development)

Processing in CLIPC has two stages:
  1. WPS for identification - clipc_combine_identify
  2. WPS for execution - clipc_combine_execute
    • inputa, inputb: NetCDF OpenDAP urls
    • bbox: 4 float values containing left, bottom, right, top. Defaults to -40,20,60,85: the European region. Currently the bbox is specified in lat/lon projection.
    • timea, timeb: ISO8601 Timestamps, see ISO8601 for details
    • outputFileName: String, defaulting to '' - Note that results will be written in a folder with a unique name, so this input does not need any modifications
    • operator: Currently, the possible operators can be retrieved by using clipc_combine_identify
    • result: OpenDAP URL containing the calculated data - Location where the data is stored.
    • See