During the coding sprint:
  • Test case
  • Continue chunking (almost finished, need to setup test environment)
  • Basket storage (security problems in the portal)
  • Documentation
  • Dynamic support
  • Help in Search Interface using fancybox
  • RCP documentation
  • Search Interface Selections
  • Portal interface
  • First implementation with extJS (no longer)
  • Final probably in jQuery (nice examples found)
Next actions/milestones
  • Data processing
  • Implement all available indices with WPS scripts + Wizard
  • Finalize test case (storage)
  • Check for CDB or related solutions
  • UC integration
  • Ask Antonio: integration, interface, define a Use Case
  • Portal interface: Improve Search Interface (user storage, better selected options, context-sensitive help, glossary taxonomy)
  • Documentation: More links from data interface
  • User group: Setup, first meeting (when?/where?) CIRCLE-2 Conference in March

IndicesWizard.pptx - Wireframe for the indices wizard interface (68.6 KB) Wim Som de Cerff, 01/28/2014 09:40 AM