C4I GUI Components

The following components can be re-used at other sites:
  • ESGFSearch
  • Catalogbrowser
  • Fileviewer

These components are standalone from climate4impact. This enables other sites to use these components on their own site and possibly share developments. The components make use of the back-end services offered by climate4impact.

See in action at a different site:

The sourcecode is obtainable from the directory /impactportal/WebContent/data/ (located at

Site specific callback functions need to be implemented:
  • basket.postIdentifiersToBasket
  • generateLoginDialog

Examples are implemented in

Please note: Data from the CLIPC project can be viewed without an account, nice for demonstration purposes


The ESGF Search GUI can be prepopulated in advance with facets by using a hashtag link.


Special facets are:
  • bbox - bounding box in degrees in the form west,south,east,north. E.g. bbox=0,40,10,60
  • query - Free text query
  • time_start_stop - Year start and stop in the form startyear/stopyear. E.g. 2000/2010

The other facets are the standard ESGF facets. The ESGF Search GUI makes use of the ESGF Rest Search API as described at