20140925 telco on progress

Attendees: Christian & Wim.

Upcoming Milestones & Deliverables

  • M85 (December 2015): JRA4 developed services deployed on C4I
    First version can be setup by KNMI; Template is available for a milestone report. We can discuss it during the coding sprint.
  • D52 (March 2016): Assessment of impact communities requirements
    We need to establish a user panel and organize a workshop, early next year. We can contact known users of the C4I, PhD/post-docs, and contact users like TEC to help us. The meeting could be organized by WUR.

Next Face to face meeting

Need to extend the dates to December to see if there is a better fit. Otherwise it will be either 29-30 October or 5-6 November.
Location is not discussed but, if not other volunteers or objections, KNMI will host.

Subjects will be: ICCLIM changed interface, Documentation, Use case implementation, Impact wizzard, test downscaling portal (tests done prior to meeting)


Christian discussed the sustainability of C4I with Sylvie.
Christian will ask S├ębastien or Hannes about ESGF status. (After telco info: ESGF should be back before October).