20140128 telco

JRA3 climate4impact Telco Jan 28th 2014

Wim Som de Cerff (KNMI)
Maarten Plieger (KNMI)     
Christian Pagé     
Antonio S. Cofiño
Ronald Hutjes
Wim Som de Cerff
Chris Jack University of Cape Town
Lars Barring + Michael
Sébastien Denvil IPSL

Round table

Last coding sprint
•Test case
•Continue chunking (almost finished, need to setup test environment)
•Basket storage (security problems in the portal)
•Dynamic support
•Help in Search Interface using fancybox
•RCP documentation
•Search Interface Selections
•Portal interface
•First implementation with extJS (no longer)
•Final probably in jQuery (nice examples found)

Next actions/milestones
•Data processing
•Implement all available indices with WPS scripts + Wizard
•Finalize test case (storage)
•Check for CDB or related solutions
•UC integration
•Ask Antonio: integration, interface, define a Use Case
•Portal interface
•Improve Search Interface (user storage, better selected options, context-sensitive help, glossary taxonomy)
•More links from data interface
•User group
•Setup, first meeting (when?/where?) CIRCLE-2 Conference in March

Proposed Agenda
0- Intro
1- Review above milestone for status
2- Next actions
3- Next coding sprint?   

User group
•Setup, first meeting (when?/where?) CIRCLE-2 Conference in March
Ronald: Combine effort with CLIPC. Ronald and Rob Swart form the CLIPC side.
Define a program for the CIRCLE2 meeting for the end of this week.
Lars, Ronald/Rob and Christian will be there.

UC integration
Antonio: status
Security integration done: implemented some security services, and communication for authentication. KNMI checked that it is working. Interim solution for now. Proxy for the user. Delegation will be implemented later, after April.
Use Case: define some services to list predictors and predictants.
Not a WPS. JSON could be used. Just need to expose the service as it is available internally.
Christian will send some Use Cases before the end of the week.
Maarten will check that authentication and user services are working.
Maarten will be very interested in the Use Cases.
Maarten will send the wiki link.

Data processing
Natalia: Python library has been created. Posted on github. Will send an email with the link, download and test.
Chunking is finished and it works.
Maarten: Summer days indice. Maarten will send the WPS script. 
If you calculate an indice in your account, you have a data repository of your generated calculations, and accessible through the basket (plot or download) and available through a simple opendap server using the same authentication as the climate4impact portal. Can be accessed also through wget. climate4impact can also use the data for the WMS services. Will be put into the operational portal this week or next week. 2 Tb available for now.

Maarten had a SPECS telco about 2D data. Question about the indices calculation, and bias correction. 
Christian will send an email about the indices calculation wrt to bias correction for the SPECS, first to the is-enes2-data mailing list. Links between EUPORIAS CLIPC IS-ENES2 SPECS. Which project is doing what. CLIPC: bias correction of cordex data and climate indicators calculation, and other datasets. EUPORIAS/SPECS: mainly statistical downscaling of seasonal forecasts and bias correction using historical of seasonal forecasts. 

Christian will send an email about CDO WPS problems.

Portal Interface
Search interface: script from EUPORIAS to implement the taxonomy/glossary. Will be tested by Wim.
Wizard: not much progress yet. But will work on it within the next few weeks.

Lars: Feb 10th and further. Specific suggestion on non-tech documentation. RCP scenario will be completed: will need to be split because it is too long.
Need to work on About us.

Next possible coding sprint: could be at KNMI in March from 17th - later.
Next telco week of Feb 24th.