Workshop 2015

ADAGUC workshop 2015 - June 17-19 (

Wednesday June 17th - Overview and installation of ADAGUC Viewer + Server

  • 10:30 Opening & Tour de table – participants
  • 11:00 Overview of the ADAGUC system
    • Overview of Wiki and Redmine
    • Short demonstration (Radar + MSGCPP)
    • What is new, demonstrated via redmine and VM
    • DataFormats
      • Points and symbols
      • UGrid polygon support
      • RGBA True color images in NetCDF
      • Support for curvilinear grids
      • MetOcean Domain Working group implementation
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Quick tour on NetCDF, OPeNDAP, WMS, WCS and MetOcean Domain Working group implementation
    • NetCDF file format, Climate and Forecast Conventions
      • Regular grids
      • Projected grids
      • Curvilinear grids
      • Point timeseries
      • UGrid polygons
    • OpenDAP for access to remote NetCDF files and subsetting
    • WMS and WCS standards
  • 14:00 Installation of ADAGUC Viewer and ADAGUC Server
    • Installation of VM
    • ADAGUC components
      • server: cgi and configuration files
      • viewer: configuration files
  • 17:30 End of day one

Thursday June 18th - Configuration demo and how to use your own data

  • 9:30 Wrap-up of previous day
  • 10:00 How to configure the server, examples on custom styling and rendering
    • Styling grids: Nearest neighbor, bilinear, shading and contourlines configuration
    • Styling points: Symbols, discs, points, etc...
  • 11:30 Embedding the viewer in your own webpage
  • see
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Get your own data working, display and map your data
    • Demonstration of ADAGUC applications
    • OpenLayers, Leaflet, Web Processing (PyWPS)
  • 17:30 End of day two

Friday June 19th - Visualization of remote OpenDAP data and retrieving custom data from the server

Virtual machine with pre-installed ADAGUC

The virtual machine with the preinstalled ADAGUC system requires ~20Gb of disk space, a minimum of 1.5Gb of Ram and a Virtual Machine platform like VirtualBox or VMWare player. Everything has been tested with Virtualbox under windows. The virtual machine can be downloaded here via: