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Ernst de Vreede, 06/13/2013 02:28 PM

WMS Extensions


The GetFeatureInfo call needs all parameters for a GetMap request, except REQUEST and adds X and Y (the pixel coordinates of interest) and QUERY_LAYERS (the layer(s) of interest)

The ADAGUC service extends the GetFeatureInfo call in a number of aspects:

New request parameters: *
  • JSONP=<javascript_function_name> data is returned as JavaScript code, where provided function is called with JSON result
Extended request parameters:
  • INFO_FORMAT=<FORMAT> _which can be image/gif, image/png, text/plain, application/xml, text/html, application/json

JSON format


GetPointValue is kind of a shorthand for GetFeatureInfo. It enables one to do a GetFeatureInfo like request, without specifying a WMS GetMap request.
This can be used to retrieve for example a time series of data for a certain lat/lon coordinate or, in the case of ensemble data to get all 50 timeseries for a "plume" image.