WCSFormat (name, driver, mimetype, options)

The formats the server can output data in. For this purpose GDAL is used.

  • name - The name represented in the DescribeCoverage document.
  • driver - The GDAL driver to use, can be any capable of writing data
  • mimetype - The mimetype used when providing data during the GetCoverage request
  • options - Additional options to the GDAL driver

For example, the following configures two extra WCS output formats, netcdf3 and netcdf4 by using the GDAL ADAGUC driver:

    <WCSFormat name="netcdf" driver="NetCDF" mimetype="Content-Type:application/netcdf" options="WRITE_GDAL_TAGS=FALSE,WRITE_LONLAT=FALSE,WRITE_BOTTOMUP=FALSE,ZLEVEL=2,FORMAT=NC4C"/>
    <WCSFormat name="aaigrid" driver="AAIGrid" mimetype="Content-Type:text/plain" />
    <WCSFormat name="geotiff" driver="GTiff" mimetype="Content-Type:text/plain" />

    <WCSFormat name="NetCDF3" driver="ADAGUC" mimetype="Content-Type:text/plain" options="FORCENC3=TRUE"/>
    <WCSFormat name="NetCDF4" driver="ADAGUC" mimetype="Content-Type:text/plain"/>