Styling of Layers with shading and contourlines

The following configuration provides several ways for styling a layer using shading and contourlines.

   <Style name="clt">
    <Legend fixedclasses="true" tickinterval="500" tickround="1">rainbow</Legend>
    <NameMapping name="nearest"   title="clt colors" abstract="Drawing  images with clt colors"/>
    <NameMapping name="bilinear"   title="clt colors smooth" abstract="Drawing  images with clt colors and bilinear interpolation"/>
    <NameMapping name="contour"   title="clt contour line" abstract="Drawing  images with clt contour and bilinear interpolation"/>
    <ContourLine width="1.0" linecolor="#444444" textcolor="#444444" textformatting="%2.0f" classes="0,25,50,75,100"/>
    <ShadeInterval min="90" max="100"    label="90-100" fillcolor="#00E6FF" />

Use the following settings in the WMS element to get antialiased smooth contourlines:

   <WMSFormat name="image/png" format="image/png32"/>

For details please see Configuration