ShadeInterval (min,max,label,bgcolor,fillcolor)

  • min - Value to shade from
  • max - Value to shade to
  • label - Optional, the label to display inside the legend
  • bgcolor - Optional, the background color for the map, can only be configured in the first Shadeinterval
  • fillcolor - Optional, the color to shade, the color picked from the corresponding Legend. If the color does not occur in the legend, the nearest color is chosen. If not defined, the color is automatically picked from the legend.
    <ShadeInterval min="0.05" max="0.25"    label="0.05-0.25"    fillcolor="#E6E6FF"/>
    <ShadeInterval min="0.25" max="0.50"    label="0.25-0.5"    fillcolor="#B3B3FF"/>
    <ShadeInterval min="0.50" max="0.75"    label="0.50-0.75"    fillcolor="#8080FF"/>
    <ShadeInterval min="0.75" max="1.00"    label="0.75-1.00"    fillcolor="#4C4CFF"/>