Service Use Cases

The Adaguc service can be used in a lot of different ways. It can be used to generate a transparant layer visualising data from a variable in a NetCDF file (for overlaying) or it can be used to generate a complete graphical product with a geographical map as base layer and several data layers as overlay .

It can also be used to get information about data on a point on the map, through the GetFeatureInfo or the GetPointValue call. Data can be served as ASCII, as HTML, as image, as XML/GML or as JSON or JSONP. This data can be consumed by programs written in JavaScript, JAVA, C, Python etc. and used for displaying tabular or graphical output.
In this case the ADAGUC service is used to sample data from the underlying NetCDF data files, through a special ADAGUC API, which is an extension of the OGC WMS GetFeatureInfo call. This way of data access through ADAGUC saves a lot of configuration work and issues in software that uses model data.

Image of transparent layer

Complete graphical product



Image output

JSON formatted output

JSONP protocol