RenderMethod <value>

Rendermethod defines the way the data is rendered inside the service. There are currently four mechanisms to render an image:
  • nearestneighbour in class CImgWarpNearestNeighbour
  • bilinear in class CImgWarpBilinear
  • truecolor in class CImgWarpNearestRGBA
  • points in class CImgRenderPoints


  • Choose with "nearest"
    This mechanism renders the data very quickly using nearest neighbour rendering. This method is suited to project large images, up to 5000x5000 pixels in realtime. This is used in for rendering the derived products from the MSG satellite.


  • Choose with "bilinear,contour,shaded" or combination of these
    This mechanism has more advanced methods of styling and is able to draw the data with bilinear interpolation, contourlines and shading. It is mainly used to draw model data with shading and contourlines.


  • Choose with "rgba"
    This is used to draw true color with alpha channel netcdf files. This can be used to draw RGBA netcdf data generated by for example the pytroll framework.


  • Choose with "point", "pointthin", "barb" or "barbthin"
    These are used to draw point data. The method point is for simple point data or for a Layer with more than 2 Variables defined. The method barb for a Layer with wind strength and wind direction Variables defined.
    The pointthin and barbthin variants switch on the thinning (getting rid of points that would be drawn too close to other points). See Thinning


  • Choose with "stippling"

Stippling distance and disc radius can be specified in Stippling

    <Stippling distancex="22" distancey="22" discradius="7"/>
 <Legend name="uncertainty" type="colorRange">
    <palette index="000" red="255" green="255" blue="255"/>
    <palette index="060" red="196" green="196" blue="196"/>
    <palette index="120" red="252" green="209" blue="112"/>
    <palette index="180" red="249" green="145" blue="45"/>
    <palette index="240" red="191" green="25" blue="35"/>
  <Style name="uncertainty">
    <Legend fixed="true" tickinterval="1">uncertainty</Legend>
    <ValueRange min="1" max="5"/>
    <Stippling distancex="22" distancey="22" discradius="7"/>
    <NameMapping name="nearest"         title="Uncertainty" abstract="Uncertainty"/>
    <NameMapping name="stippling"         title="Uncertainty stippled" abstract="Uncertainty stippled"/>
    <StandardNames standard_name="uncertainty"/>