Preinstalled virtual environment with ADAGUC Viewer and ADAGUC Server

For the workshop a preinstalled virtual machine is available. This machine has apache-tomcat, postgres, adaguc-services, adaguc-server, adaguc-viewer and apache httpd with php and cgi support installed.

The installation instructions can be found here: Install_Adaguc_on_Ubuntu

The following repositories are used:

Installation of the virtual image

  1. The virtual image can be downloaded from (8.5 Gb, when unpacked 20 Gb)
  2. Install Oracle Virtualbox with the corresponding extension pack from
  3. Start Virtualbox, click File -> Import appliance. In the settings, set the memory as high as possible, by default it is set to 2048Mb, but 4096Mb is recommended.
  4. In the VM, just start firefox and the adaguc-viewer will show as default page
  5. From the viewer, the AutoWMS plugin can be opened via clicking on the big gear and selecting AutoWMS from the list. A window on the right opens, displaying all files and folders available.

The VM exposes port 80 and 8080 to localhost, which means that links should work outside of the VM on the host as well.
Use the password "adaguc" to obtain sudo rights

Important directories and files

  • /src/KNMI/adaguc-server - Git repo where adaguc-server is installed, compiled with gcc, and location where default configuration files are stored. Compiled with "bash"
  • /src/KNMI/adaguc-services - Git repo where adaguc-services is installed, build with maven and deployed in webapps dir
  • /src/config/adaguc-services-config-tomcat.xml - Adaguc-services configuration file. Note: this is the tomcat web application to run adaguc-server.
  • /src/KNMI/adaguc-server/data/config/adaguc.vm.xml - Adaguc-server configuration file, this file is in the adaguc-server repository on github
  • /src/log - Log file directory
  • /src/ - Tomcat startup script
  • /src/crontab - Crontab to start tomcat
  • /src/apache-tomcat-8.0.44 - http://localhost:8080/ - Home of apache tomcat
    • /src/apache-tomcat-8.0.44/webapps/adaguc-viewer - Adaguc viewer served with Apache tomcat. Specific configuration settings are appended to config.js:
      xml2jsonrequestURL = '/adaguc-services/xml2json?'
      autowmsURL = '/adaguc-services/autowms?';
    • /src/apache-tomcat-8.0.44/webapps/adaguc-services
  • /data/adaguc-autowms - Location where NetCDF files can be stored and are automatically available in a WMS via the source= kvp (http://localhost:8080/adaguc-services/adagucserver?source=<URL Encoded NetCDF file location)
  • /data/adaguc-datasets - Location where Adaguc dataset configurations are stored. Examples below.
  • /var/www/html - http://localhost/ - Documentroot of Apache http server
    • /var/www/html/adaguc-viewer - Adaguc viewer served with Apache HTTP
  • /var/www/cgi-bin
  • http://localhost:8080/adaguc-services/adagucserver? - Adaguc server via adaguc-services and apache tomcat
  • http://localhost/cgi-bin/adaguc-datasets.cgi? - Adaguc server via CGI and apache HTTP server

Adaguc viewer

The viewer is located at:

The AutoWMS plugin can be opened via clicking on the big gear and selecting AutoWMS from the list. A window on the right opens, displaying all files and folders available.

Example NetCDF files

To update example NetCDF files, please run:

cd /data/adaguc-autowms/testsets

This will load new files from the KDC. (

Links to dataset configuration examples:

Radar - RADNL_OPER_R___25PCPRR_L3: Himawari - adaguc.tiled: TU Delft / RWS traffic demo - tud_traffic: Last 100 earthquakes in NL - urn_xkdc_ds_nl.knmi__aardbevingen_nederland_2_ Actual 10 minute data from KNMI automated weather stations (Run cd /data/adaguc-autowms/testsets && ./ first to get actual data from KDC) - urn_xkdc_ds_nl.knmi__Actuele10mindataKNMIstations_1_ Climatology of automated weather stations 1950-present - urn_xkdc_ds_nl.knmi__etmaalgegevensKNMIstations_1_: Demo dataset - dataset_a: Masking via DataPostProcessor - datapostproc_mask:

Viewer examples

The viewer has several examples located at http://localhost/adaguc-viewer/examples/

To see current radar images, go to:

Opendap Server

Besides being an OpenDAP client, adaguc-server has the capability to serve OpenDAP by itself. It can serve a set of files and concatenate those virtually over dimensions, e.g. aggregations are possible. To demonstrate this go to:


To view an OpenDAP URL with ncview, do:

ncview http://localhost/cgi-bin/adaguc-datasets.cgi/opendap/opendapdataset/

To view an OpenDAP URL with adaguc-server, do


In the viewer:

Adaguc as OpenDAP client