Preinstalled virtual environment 2015

Preinstalled virtual environment

An image of a virtual machine is available which can be installed to use the software directly. The image can be downloaded from: The image can be used inside Virtualbox. Virtualbox is available from You need both Virtualbox and the virtualbox extensionpack:

You can see the installation procedure of ADAGUC on ubuntu on this page: Install Adaguc on Ubuntu

When virtualbox is installed, you can select "Import appliance" and select the image.

By default 1536Mb of ram and 2 CPU cores are assigned to the VM, this is enough to run the ADAGUC software, but increasing the amount of ram will result in a better experience.

Logging in

The user is "adaguc" the password is "adaguc", root password is "adaguc"

Everything is installed under /data/

All services are available under /data/services and all example data is stored under /data/services/data.

The datasets used in this VM are also available via

Mounting a shared folder

On your host machine, create a shared folder option via Devices->Shared folders settings...
On your client machine create a directory you wish to mount. This should be an empty directory.
On your client machine give the command:

#sudo mount -t vboxsf <mount name> <folder name>
sudo mount -t vboxsf vboxshare /data/vboxshare

Now you can share data between the host and client.

Updating the software (optional)

The image contains probably outdated ADAGUC software. The following procedure updates the software to the latest version:

Viewer update

cd /data/www/htdocs/adagucviewer/
hg pull
hg update

The viewer is now updated to the latest version. When visiting the viewer using a browser it is possible that certain files are still kept in the browsers cache. Double press F5 (reload) to refresh all files.

Server update

cd /data/software/adagucserver/
hg pull
hg update

The server is now updated to the latest version.