NameMapping is used to assign human readable titles to the Style configured in the service. The title is displayed to the user while the name is used as internal reference.

  • name - The existing style name in the service to attach the title and abstract to.
  • title - The title to give to the corresponding name
  • abstract - The abstract to give to the corresponding name

For example:

   <NameMapping name="nearest"        title="Temperature 0-10" abstract="Nearest neighbour rendering"/>
   <NameMapping name="shadedcontour"  title="Temperature 0-10 shaded" abstract="Shaded with contourlines"/>
   <NameMapping name="nearestcontour" title="Temperature 0-10 contours" abstract="Nearest neighbour with contourlines"/>
   <NameMapping name="bilinearcontour" title="Temperature 0-10 bilinear" abstract="Bilinear with contourlines"/>