Legend (name, type, file)

  • name - The name of the legend
  • type - colorRange,interval or file
  • file - The SVG gradient file in case of legend type "file"
There are three types of legends,
  1. legends with gradually changing colors (continuous)
  2. legends with colors within certain intervals (discrete).
  3. legends stored in a SVG gradient file as can be found on

The first two legend types are configured by palette elements. With the legend object one can define a maximum of 240 different colors. The indexes and min/max parameters in the palette object relate directly to the palette of the internal image.

When using the server to output palette based 8 bit PNG or GIF images, the legend defined here corresponds directly to the palette colors in the PNG/GIF image.

  1. See palette for a detailed description on palette possibilities.
  2. See Predefined Legends for some precooked legends for several physical quantities like temperature, pressure, precipitation, etc..

Define a continuous legend (colorRange)

The XML fragment below describes a colorRange Legend (continuous colors):

    <Legend name="ColorPalette" type="colorRange">
      <palette index="0"   red="0"   green="0"   blue="255"/>
      <palette index="80"  red="0"   green="255" blue="255"/>
      <palette index="120" red="0"   green="255" blue="0"/>
      <palette index="160" red="255" green="255" blue="0"/>
      <palette index="240" red="255" green="0"   blue="0"/>

Index refers to the position in the palette, red green and blue to the color values in the palette. Internally an interpolation between the color values is performed.

Discrete legends (interval)

The following XML fragment describes a discrete legend (interval):

    <Legend name="KNMIRadarPalette_mmh" type="interval">
      <palette min="0"   max="38"  red="255" green="255" blue="255"/>
      <palette min="38"  max="80"  red="170" green="170" blue="170"/>
      <palette min="80"  max="118" red="85"  green="85"  blue="85"/>
      <palette min="118" max="160" red="255" green="128" blue="128"/>
      <palette min="160" max="198" red="255" green="0"   blue="0"/>
      <palette min="198" max="255" red="0"   green="0"   blue="0"/>

SVG Gradient legends (file)

The legend with type "file" is loaded from a SVG gradient file, in that case only the file attribute needs to be specified. E.g.

<Legend name="test" type="svg" file="/usr/people/plieger/M_Documents/Logos/Legends/earth.svg"/>