Layer (type,hidden)

  • type - The type of layer, can be either database,grid or cascaded
  • hidden - When set to true, the Layer is not advertised in the GetCapabilities document, but is accessible with GetMap requests.

Below an example of a minimum Layer configuration is given:

 <Layer type="database">

Grid Layers

This type of layer show a Graticule grid, displaying meridians and parallels.
Here an example of a grid layer with a 10 degree interval is given:

<Layer type="grid">
  <Group value="baselayers"/>
  <Name force="true">grid10</Name>
  <Title>grid 10 degrees</Title>
  <Grid resolution="10"/>
  <WMSFormat name="image/png32"/>

Cascaded Layers

Cascaded layers are copies of Layers from other services. This mostly used to add an external background or baselayer map to the service. The cascaded layer can be called like any normal Layer in the GetMap request. Combinations of Layers can be requested in the GetMap URL to compose nice maps.

<Layer type="cascaded" hidden="false">
  <Group value="baselayers"/>
  <Name force="true">npsnaturalearth2</Name>
  <Title>NPS - Natural Earth II</Title>
  <WMSLayer service="" layer="naturalearth2"/>
  <LatLonBox minx="-180"  miny="-90" maxx="180" maxy="90"/>